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how to protect your credit

How to Protect Your Credit

You have come a long way using the good credit how to guide. You have cleaned your credit and worked to build positive good credit lines that improve your score. In this step of the good credit guide we will discuss protecting your rating so that identity theft and fraud do not unravel all your efforts.

The following module will teach you:

  • Identity theft protection strategies
  • How to protect your credit on the internet
  • Credit document protection tips

How to Protect Your Credit From Identity Thieves and Fraud

It is a sad state of affairs that both credit fraud and identity theft are more common than ever in our society the number of reported incidents is growing annually. We will outline a few tips and tricks here on how to protect your credit from theft and fraud, and provide some services that can help in the case you fall victim to these crimes.


Protecting Your Credit by Being Alert

Awareness can protect your financials from fraud in many situations. Be alert to make sure you do not leave your documents or sensitive information in easy accessable places. Try not to leave you pay stubs laying about or leave your mail in the box for long stretches of time. If you are travelling, consider informing the post office so that you can pick up your mail on your return. Avoid keeping sensitve documents in the glove compartment of your car, or in your school pack. Avoid giving out sensitive information unless necessary. How to protect your identity from identity thieves? Make it difficult for them. The less your information is floating about the more you protect your good credit.


Protecting Credit on the Internet

Be sure to buy from a reputable vendor with a secure payment system on the internet. You will also want to periodically clear your 'browser cookies' as sometimes nefarious sites can use them to collect information for nefarious deeds. Knowing how to protect your credit online from identity thieves is all about awareness. Use common sense when browsing the internet and avoid transmitting sensitive information if you are not sure of the sites motives. Protect yourself from fraud on the internet by using caution.


Protect Your Personal Information With a Paper Shredder

Shredders are a cheap investment to help protect your credit. Use your paper shredder on any documents that contain your personal information so that you protect your credit information from people who look through your trash. It protects your good credit rating, plus its fun. Use a shredder on your junk mail with your address, credit card applications, pay stubs, insurance documents, and any other document you feel might contain sensitive personal information, shielding your good credit score.


Credit Protection Through Diligence

Religiously check your credit card statements and bank statements for any line items that you do not remember and verify them. When considering how to protect your credit in your day to day activities, be aware and vigilint. The goal is to learn as soon as possible that fraudulent activity is taking place so you can move to protect your credit immediately. Constantly verify what is on your statements and protect your credit through proper diligence, it is essential to maintain good credit over the long term.


If you find yourself a victim of identity theft - DO NOT DELAY - call to inform your lenders immediately to close accounts to protect against further fraudulent spending. Then contact your local authorities immediately. Visit the Federal Trade Commission for further information regarding how to protect your credit from identity theft.


If you are especially worried or feel your situation is of higher risk and would like to learn further strategies, outside of our good credit site, on how to protect your credit from fraud and identity theft, consider the enlistment of a professional identity protection service.


*Be sure to check out our future modules of the good credit guide to be released that will cover how to protect your good credit rating from identity theft online in more details with advanced strategies.

Good Credit Benefits

benefits of good credit

Now that you have learned how to protect your credit from identity theft and fraud and have progressed through the good credit how to guide up to this point, it is time for the benefits of good credit. Congratulations!