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Good Credit Personal Loans

Good credit personal loans might be for you if you need a bridge loan, or a short term loan to maintain your score and avoid financial difficulties. Your report, though, means you shouldn't have to pay the same rates as a higher risk loan. Get cash fast in a pinch with these good personal loan lenders now. Browse the good credit personal loans providers below that can get you cash fast when you need it.


Unsecured Personal Loans

unsecured good credit personal loans

Unsecured good credit personal loans can be very useful. Whether you need a bridge loan, or a loan for an emergency your good credit can make these tough to get loans possible.

Secured Personal Loans

secured good credit personal loans

Security for personal loans is common and adding collateral to your lending agreement can help keep the fees, terms and rates manageable.

Line of Credit with Good Credit

line of credit for good credit

These lenders can offer your good history a line of credit, that you can use to grow your business, or complete the home improvements you have been considering.

Good Credit Payday Loans

good credit payday loans

A cash advance is usually a pricey means of getting quick cash in an emergency, but these cash advance loan offers can be useful if you fall behind.



Unsecured personal loans are simply loans that are granted without the guarantee of collateral. Credit rating is often the largest determining factor, although obtaining an unsecured loan is possible even if your credit is less than perfect. Unsecured borrowing does come with some hefty drawbacks, with the most significant being an increased interest rate.


Unlike specific home and auto loans, personal loans can be used for virtually reason, from debt consolidation to home improvement options, or even to take your dream vacation. For most personal loans, a form of collateral is required to guarantee the borrowed amount, which is most often property such as your house or car.


However, not everyone has the collateral to guarantee a personal loan. If this is the case for you, unsecured personal loans may offer a solution.


Unsecured personal loans are those granted without the security of collateral to guarantee repayment.


However, the lack of collateral places these loans in the high-risk category, as lenders face the possibility of losing the value of the loan should the borrower fail to repay. Because of this, eligibility requirements are usually far more stringent than with secured loans, and both interest rates and processing fees will usually be much higher.


To see if an unsecured personal loan is best for you, here is a look at the factors that you should, and lenders will, consider:


  • Credit rating. This is often the deciding factor, and bad credit can really hurt you here. Bad credit is often a sign of financial trouble, which means that lenders will view a low credit score as a high risk of potential non-repayment. This does not mean your credit has to be perfect, however, although the lower your credit score, the higher the interest rate you will likely incur.
  • Interest rates. The interest rate of unsecured loans is typically much higher than with any type of secured loan. In fact, most of these loans incur an interest rate of more than 10%, which makes them similar to the interest accrued on credit cards. The reason for the higher interest is again about the risk involved, as high interest often acts like compensation for the lender taking the risk of granting the loan in the first place.
  • Processing fees. Like interest rates, the processing fees for unsecured loans are also generally much higher than with other types of loans, and often for the same reason.
  • No Tax Deduction. In most cases, the money paid in interest on a loan is tax deductible. However, unsecured loans are an exception to this, as the interest is not tax-deductible. This means that there will be no tax benefits to add to your income tax forms during tax time.


While the drawbacks of unsecured personal loans may seem hefty, the news is not all bad, as there are some benefits that these loans can provide as well. Continued on-time payments can work to raise your credit score over time, and may even allow more lenient loan terms to be enacted once good faith has been established.


Another option is to select a Revolving Line of Credit instead of a traditional unsecured loan, which will allow the loan to work more like a credit card. With a Revolving Line of Credit, the lender grants a credit balance that can be borrowed against and repaid on a continuous cycle.


This adds the advantage of having money available should you need it, while allowing the flexibility of making loan payments against only what you actually use. The best part is that while the interest rate on a Revolving Line of Credit will be high, it is applied to only the money borrowed from the line of credit, rather than the entire credit balance.


Unsecured personal loans offer an option to borrow money even if you do not have collateral to guarantee the loan. The lack of collateral does make these loans high risk, however, which will mean that higher interest rates and processing fees will apply, while tax benefits are eliminated.


Selecting a Revolving Line of Credit instead of a traditional unsecured loan may be a better option when establishing or rebuilding credit is a priority, as this ensures that money is available should you need it, while limiting interest and payments to only the portion of the credit balance that is used.


Unsecured personal loans are some of the most expensive loans to take, but with continued on-time repayments, they can help you achieve the credit rating you need for a strong financial future.

Ask yourself these questions to see if a personal loan is for you:

  • Have I explored opportunities for more traditional lower rate loans?
  • Will the money I borrow solve my short term problem?
  • Will I be able to meet the financing obligation offered by lender?

If so, browse the good credit personal loans for more information and offers above to apply online using the secure links for free no obligation quotes.


Rates and fees are subject to change with the offers above. We work hard to maintain up to date information with our available selection good credit personal loans, but we advise you to read the application information carefully.